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Updox is a "patient portal", that was inflicted upon us as a side effect of adopting an EMR (Electronic medical record). The purpose of this software is to enable us to "comply" with government regulations, which are aimed at coercing physicians into using more technology. In particular, the US government wants physicians to have electronic communications with patients. Updox reminds us of the US post-office, except the user interface has prettier colors.

Updox is integrated into our EMR (amazing charts), but while it is pretty it is soooo clumsy. We would far rather communicate with patients in almost any way than use Updox. However, this is a government mandate.

What we would LIKE to see would be:

Along the same lines, we would like to see a government funded secure messaging (i.e. email) service. Again, it should be designed to be "uncrackable".

We would love to see Meaningful use, PQRS, Macra go away. We would rather see the government concentrate preventing fraud, as opposed to "helping" physicians communicate with their patients.






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