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Preferred Open MRI should be avoided.

Preferred Open MRI (http://www.preferredopenmri.com/locations.html) is a provider for MRIs in the Chicago area.

We were told by this company that it would cost us $30 to see the images for a patient that we sent to their facility for an MRI. It is wise to review MRI images for several reasons - -first, the MRI facility may not include useful stuff in their report such as an observation that the quality of the scan was awful. Second, radiologists are human and make mistakes. It is always best to check. I have often had situations where I see something that the radiologist missed. It is conventional that radiology facilities (who may charge $5000 for an MRI), will send referring doctors the DVD (a cost of about $2.00), without any complaint.

Telling the doctor that it will cost $30 to review a study that the doctor ordered is outrageous.

We don't think patients should go to Preferred Open MRI for two reasons:

It is also often best to avoid Mayo clinic radiology

We also have had some problems with MRI facilities that are so scared of privacy violations, that they encrypt their images. This makes it impossible to read them. We also think that these MRI facilities should be avoided as well. Unfortunately, this includes Mayo Clinic Radiology. So in other words, if a patient needs an MRI scan, and is going to Mayo, it is best to order the MRI from somewhere OTHER than Mayo, as the Mayo images will not be in a format that makes them comparable to other images done on the same patient, elsewhere. This is an example of how risk aversion can get in the way of getting one's job done.




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